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The Youth Health and Wellbeing Alliance was formed in May 2015 and has representation from many sectors including service providers, community members, researchers, clinicians and other youth practitioners, and not-for-profit community agencies. The Alliance is convened by the Telethon Kids Institute. For the purposes of this Alliance, youth has been defined as those aged between 10 and 25 years encompassing the transition from childhood to adolescence, and the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Vision Statement

The Alliance's Vision is:
Comprehensive and effective, cross-sector responses to enhance Western Australian youth health and wellbeing.
Mission Statement

This Vision is being realised as the Alliance implements the following Mission:
Provide leadership by engaging young people, families, communities, service providers, policy-makers, funding bodies and researchers in Western Australia to enhance the health and wellbeing of young people and to reduce harm by collaboratively initiating research, community forums, best practice advocacy, education, and effective policy and practice development.


This Alliance aims to:

    • Facilitate collaboration between interested individuals, organisations and agencies and identify a core working group to lead the larger youth alliance.
    • Develop and implement a collaborative research program that is focussed, solutions-oriented and provides policy and practice reference for governments.
    • Generate new knowledge that leads to improved health and wellbeing outcomes for youth in metropolitan and regional areas.
    • Identify priority areas of greatest need, including Aboriginal communities and other vulnerable youth.
    • Build strong connections with national and international experts in youth research, service providers and policy makers to enable sustainable research and practice capacity.
    • Engage with government and non-government organisations and industry to ensure the effective transfer of research outcomes into health policy and/or practice.
    • Advance the training/capacity of researchers and service providers, particularly those in early to mid-career roles.
    • Secure funding to establish a WA Centre for Youth Health and Wellbeing.